Well, well, well.

After a long, hot summer, filled with the ups and downs of sweat and ice, of long stares and quick reactions, I find myself back at a desk. It is as if Labor Day marked the end of labor in the physical sense, and the beginning of days in the stagnant sense. The adjustment to a new existence of a limited prison of movement and a regulation of hours, the Desk Job. Which of course is only new to a recidivist like me.

True, direct deposit has its advantages.

True, there are still tens of thousands outside longing to arrange paper clips and sit all day staring at a screen, yielding only a revelation of what “www-dot” actually means. I am lucky.

And with time to think comes time to write, and I suppose that’s helpful as well.



About ernestwhile

I live in New York City. I built a world of Lego bricks, colorful and simple and foreign. I've been picking it apart ever since.
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3 Responses to Well, well, well.

  1. jayne says:

    Well, I’m glad you’ll be writing. I learned a new word that just wants to be spit out in court – recidivist. Your manner of sculpting words is always fascinating because …well, for one, I can appreciate the structure of thought without the “education”. Secondly, you are not “usual” or predictable in your content. I still have that piece of you driving fast and a relationship stuck in the back of my mind. Maybe it crashed there.

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