The Epic Power of 1977

I don’t always work in an office, but when I do, I like to end my day with a little websurfing; perhaps read a few blogs, perhaps watch some Jon Stewart. You know, that stuff that people who do work in offices all day do, well, all day.

After a few clicks yesterday afternoon, I came very satisfactorily upon this video from 1977. I apologize in advance if there’s an ad attached to the front; it’s the scourge of the First World, isn’t it?  But if you wait it out, you’ll be rewarded, as I was, by the epic glory of Styx. Specifically, the opening piano and vocal solo of Come Sail Away.

I won’t get into the nostalgic whining about “they don’t make music like this anymore” et cetera. But I ask you: can you even imagine this tune being covered by Justin Bieber or One Direction? To quote John Boehner, Hell No You Can’t.

So I’m about a minute in, and one of my young charges comes by with a problem. “We can’t get the sound system to work down the hall,” he says. “Can you come help us?”

Well, it is my job. Pause. Sigh.

We’re walking along and he expands his thesis. “It worked fine last week, but now we can’t get it to work. I don’t understand.”

“Well,” I intoned soberly, “I was just listening to an epic 70s power ballad in my office. Sometimes the awesomeness of 1977 just pulls all the electrons and life force into a vortex of cool and nearby common appliances just shut down. We may have to reset a few breakers.”


“Sure,” he said, still needing my help. “I can see how that could happen.”

“You’re just lucky I wasn’t playing Foreigner or Journey,” I continued. “This whole wing of the building might have collapsed.”

He was born in 1990, poor bastard.


About ernestwhile

I live in New York City. I built a world of Lego bricks, colorful and simple and foreign. I've been picking it apart ever since.
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3 Responses to The Epic Power of 1977

  1. jayne ayres says:

    You were like Yoda to that kid. I imagine you walking down a hallway wearing long robes with big bell bottom style arms. ( back lit so you two are in silhouette.) He isn’t ready for Foreigner.

    • ernestwhile says:

      How do you even explain high-waisted white pants with suspenders, no shirt, and a flash jacket? You just put your arm akimbo and point. Come sail away, come sail away, indeed.

      Something tells me there were a lot of used white pianos for sale in the early 90’s, too. Rock, or rock not. There is no try.

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