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The Epic Power of 1977

I don’t always work in an office, but when I do, I like to end my day with a little websurfing; perhaps read a few blogs, perhaps watch some Jon Stewart. You know, that stuff that people who do work … Continue reading

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City Flex

Cities are stratified and contradictory. Success lays down with poverty and pays it with a hundred-dollar bill it calls opportunity. Poverty longs for the day it can ride in an elevator because the city looks better the higher up you … Continue reading

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Presented Without Comment

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The 51st State

Amid all the gay marriage, Obama-winning, pot-legalizing, Elizabeth Warrening, you may have missed that Puerto Rico, for the first time ever, voted for statehood. In previous elections, the PR people have been like “nah mang all good”. Incidentally, that’s a … Continue reading

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